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HAUORA 6-week challenge

2 oct 2023

Our 6-week challenge is based on the philosophy of Hauora and exploring the different ways we nurture our Whare Tapa Wha.


We give you the tools required for nutrition and allow you to choose the kai that YOU enjoy, train in a fun & purposeful way, explore mindfulness and willpower but most importantly -  do it in an uplifting & supportive community - all whilst absolutely smashing your health and fitness goals.




  • Access to our Hype+ Challenge App

  • Personal Macro/Calorie Calculations
  • Nutrition Guide

  • Daily Habits and Mini Challenges 

  • 1 Mid-way check-in 

  • 1-1 Access to Coaching Team

  • Kai Ora E-Book

How our Hype+ App Works:

  • Set up your Personal Profile

  • Measure and Track your Progress

  • Receive Weekly at-home Workouts 

  • Access  your Nutrition Guide

  • Sync to your Health Devices ie, FitBit, Apple Health

  • Upload Before and After Photos

  • Track Daily Habits

  • Group Chat to share your journey with 6wc crew mates

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Increased energy, develop healthy habits, muscle gain, sustainable weight loss,  better mood, self confidence, self pride, happier, kinder, more productive... this challenge will get you all of this, but this isn't even the best part...The best part is that everything you learn in this challenge you'll take into your life forever.

What will I get out of it?


When does the Challenge start and finish?

The challenge begins on Monday 2nd of October 2023 and will run for 6 weeks ending Friday 10th of November.

Can I start the Challenge after the start date?

Unfortunately, our Hauora Challenge has a specific start and end date.

Can I cancel my subscription for the Challenge at any time?

There are no cancellations/refunds on the challenge. *6 week minimum term.

How does the Challenge work?

Once you sign up you will receive an introductory email with instructions on how to get started! 

App access will be granted from two weeks out and your personalised calories and macros will be completed by our coaches. From there you will be guided by our coaches on the next steps to set you up for the 6 week challenge.

You will also get access to the exclusive 6wc group from the day you sign up for education content and any questions you may have prior to the challenge beginning. 

What else is involved in the challenge?

  • In-app training plan for 6 weeks. Gym & home options. 

  • Personalised calorie and macros details, along with meal plan options and upgrades to fuel your progress.

  • Weekly mini-challenges to help strengthen the walls of your Whare Tapa Wha.

  • A mid-challenge check in a the gym with your challenge mates.

  • Access a treasure trove of educational resources to empower your fitness knowledge.

  • And don't forget, our challenge community is here to provide unwavering support.


Is the Challenge suitable for beginners?

Ae! It definately is.

This program is designed for absolutely anyone who wants to get on track, stay motivated and see results.

Is the nutrition aspect personalised to my needs and are there meal plans?

The challenge will include personalised calories and macros based on you as an individual. 

There will be an included opt-in In app Meal Plan option, and also an option to upgrade to a 100% personalised Meal plan at additional cost.  

Do I need a gym membership for the Challenge?

No! You will be able to select your training style on what best suits your lifestyle - no gym required! 

You will be able to select home-workouts or gym-workouts depending on your needs! 

What do I need to train from home?

The more you have the better, but, if you have dumbbells, a barbell (optional), a booty band and a long resistance band that will be enough to help you succeed with your at home workouts. 

Are there any tips to stay motivated for the Challenge?

Join our Exclusive Challenge Hype+ community and stay motivated and on track with other people who are doing the challenge! Share recipe ideas, your workouts and your week to week goals to keep focussed and on track.

Is this program open to anyone?

It is open to absolutely everyone of all fitness levels. 

Are there any prizes for the winner?

2 x $500 cash winners (male and female)- Most inspiring transformation over the 6 week challenge

Prizes for:

- Most involved with the community and uplifting others

- 100% completion of all mini-challenges

- Gym Bunny 


Mini rewards will also be given out by coaches.

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